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JetX Game - Best Casinos and How to Play

31 March 2023

Are you looking for the best JetX Game Casinos in India and how to play this popular crash game? Then you have come to the right place! In this article, we will tell you the best JetX Game tips and where to play this super fun betting game.

Best JetX Game Casinos

  1. 150% bonus up to ₹1,05,000

  2. Up To ₹1,05,000 Bonus

  3. 100% bonus up to ₹25,000

  4. 100% Up To ₹15,000

  5. 100% Up To ₹25,000

  6. 100% bonus up to ₹50,000

  7. 100% Up To ₹145,000

  8. 100% Bonus up to INR 1,36,100

  9. Bonus Up To ₹75,000
    100% Deposit Bonus

  10. 100% Bonus Up To ₹90,000 + 60 Free Spins

  11. Choose Between 4 Welcome Bonuses!

  12. Up to 300% Welcome Bonus

What is JetX Game?

JetX game is a super fun crash betting game by SmartSoft. The game allows real play with actual money and also demo play with virtual demo points. This is an aviation-themed crash game in which a jet takes off and flies higher and higher (into outer space at one point) until it blasts suddenly mid-flight.

The winning coefficient increases according to the altitude of the flight. Anytime during the flight, the plane can explode.

The aim of the player is to place 2 bets simultaneously before the jet takes off, watch closely as the multiplier graph climbs higher with the flight, and cash out before the jet goes boom.

If you don't cash out before the jet explodes, you lose your bet.
Virika Saxena

Virika Saxena


JetX Game Facts

  • Developer: SmartSoft
  • Game Type: Aviation-themed crash game (chance-based)
  • Recommended Player Level: All levels
  • Game RTP: 96.7% - 98.8%
  • Minimum Bet: ₹1.00
  • Minimum Win: x1
  • Maximum Win: x100
  • Best Played on: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

JetX game is quite addictive so you need to have a preset budget for playing this betting game. It's so much fun to watch the jetplane take off and fly higher and higher, ultimately exploding suddenly! But it's important to exercise caution and cash out before the explosion.

Jet X Game Casinos

Top 10 JetX Game Casinos

While the popularity of the JetX Game is on the rise, not many online casinos in India have this game still. These are the top 10 online casinos where you can play JetX game.

10 Best JetX Game Casinos

  1. Glassi Casino - 25 more similar crash games
  2. Parimatch Casino - 50 more similar crash games
  3. Cricbaba Casino - Best tablet gameplay for JetX
  4. 10Cric Casino - Great sportsbook for people who also like sports betting
  5. 22Bet Casino - Huge casino games library
  6. CricV Casino - Decent promotions available
  7. Melbet Casino - Best mobile gameplay for JetX
  8. Megapari - Similar crash games available
  9. 9Winz Casino - Good for live casino games also
  10. Casinoin - Many nice bonuses

We will now give 30-second mini-reviews for the top online casinos so you can decide which site you want to play the JetX Game on.

JetX Game Online Casinos

Glassi Casino

Number 1 Site to Play JetX

  • Can bonus be used for playing JetX? NO
  • Does JetX contribute to wagering requirements? NO
  • Is JetX available in regional language? NO

Pros and Cons of Glassi

✅ 25 more crash games available

✅ Huge bonus and nice promotions

✅ Excellent games library

❌ No promos for JetX

Parimatch Casino

Number 2 Site to Play JetX

  • Can bonus be used for playing JetX? NO
  • Does JetX contribute to wagering requirements? NO
  • Is JetX available in regional language? NO

Pros and Cons of Parimatch

✅ more than 50 similar crash games available

✅ Decent welcome bonus and wagering

✅ Several exclusive games in Hindi

❌ No promos for JetX

Cricbaba Casino

Number 3 Site to Play JetX

  • Can bonus be used for playing JetX? NO
  • Does JetX contribute to wagering requirements? NO
  • Is JetX available in regional language? NO

Pros and Cons of Cricbaba

✅ User-friendly mobile experience

✅ Self-exclusion available

✅ Decent casino games library

❌ Instant games like JetX don't contribute to wagering requirements

Caution While Playing JetX Game

JetX game, just like Aviator game, can be very addictive. It's just so much fun to keep playing, the pull of letting the plane fly higher and higher is quite strong. But you should never be greedy and cash out at a decent multiplier.

Always exercise caution and have strict betting limits when playing the JetX game. Sure, the game gives a high RTP of 98%, but ultimately, it's a game of chance that you cannot manipulate in any way to win.

There are a few strategies that you can apply in order to maximise your wins and cut your losses. We will go into more detail further in the article.

How to Play JetX Game

Follow these steps to play JetX Game

  1. Select an online casino from our recommended list
  2. Register and deposit money
  3. Find JetX game in Instant Games or Crash Games category
  4. Play several JetX game demos to get the hang of it
  5. Play JetX game with real money (real play)
  6. Place a single or double bet
  7. You can select "Auto-collect" option
  8. Watch the multiplier as the plane flies higher
  9. Cash out by clicking on "Collect" before the plane explodes
  10. Place your bets again for the next round
JetX Game Features

Here are a few standout features of the JetX Game:

  • Auto Bet and Auto Collect Options
  • Double Bet Available
  • Game History and Statistics
  • Player's Bet History
  • Live Chat with Other Players
Jet X Game Features

JetX Game Strategies

There's not much you can do when it comes to manipulating the results of the JetX Game. It's purely chance-based, so you cannot apply any strategy to win since it's always dependent on luck. But you can apply the following strategies to minimize your losses and maximize winnings.

JetX Tips and Tricks

🚀 Use Auto-Collect

You can choose the auto-collect or auto-withdraw option to cash out early and minimize your losses. If you set the automatic withdrawal option at a particular multiplier, it will cash out exactly at that point, as long as the plane is still in flight.

🚀 Cash out early

It's always prudent to not be greedy and cash out early enough in the game. At least you will double or triple your bet, even if you don't go up to 20x or 30x high. The JetX game tends to have a streak when 3-4 games end early with the plane exploding at less than 2x.

You can watch out for this low-level explosion streak in the game history. We recommend playing several demo games before playing with actual money.

🚀 Use Double Bet to your advantage

The double bet feature is something you can use to your advantage, if you play strategically. In Bet 1, place a smaller bet that you will cash out at the highest possible multiplier (you can wait and let the small bet go on till later).

In Bet 2, bet a bigger amount and cash it out pretty early. This is so that you still win some money (if not the highest amount) and reduce your chances of a big loss.

Remember, bet big on a low multiplier and bet small on a high multiplier.

🚀 Use the Martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy is a volatile strategy that involves doubling up on losing bets and reducing winning bets by half. It is essentially a strategy that promotes a loss-averse mentality that tries to improve the odds of breaking even but also increases the chances of severe and quick losses.

In this system, when you lose your first bet, you keep doubling your bet until you win. But this is a high-risk strategy that can potentially give a nice profit but can also lead to huge losses if you're not careful.