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Legit Online Casinos in India

Legit Online Casinos: Find a Legitimate Online Casino in India now

12 May 2021

Looking for an online casino you can trust? Make sure you read this article before you join an online casino -- we will introduce you to the best and most legit online casinos in India.

The internet is overflowing with online casinos fighting for your attention. A good portion of these casino sites are either scam sites or just very poor quality.

It can be really difficult to determine which online casinos are good and bad, and therefore we have created this article where we will introduce you to the most legit online casinos.

If you are looking for legit online casinos, you have come to the right place!

In this article, you will find the best, most trusted, and legitimate online casinos in India.

Legit Online Casinos

  1. Up To ₹1,05,000 Bonus

  2. 100% Up to ₹1,30,000

    The value of this welcome bonus in Indian rupees will depend on the current EUR/INR exchange rate

  3. 100% Up To ₹25,000

  4. 150% Up To ₹20,000

  5. 300% First Deposit Bonus

  6. 100% Bonus Up To INR 90,000

  7. Up to 300% Welcome Bonus

  8. Bonus Package of up to INR 1,27,000

  9. 150% bonus up to INR 1 Lakh

  10. 100% bonus up to ₹20,000

What makes an online casino legit?

Before we include a casino site on our list of legit online casinos, we make sure the casino lives up to 3 important standards.

  1. The casino must be licensed by an official gambling regulator.
  2. The casino must accept deposits in Indian Rupees.
  3. The casino must be based outside India.

Note: we only include casinos based outside India, because online casinos are not allowed to be based in India, according to Indian gambling laws.

FAQ About Legit Online Casinos

📜 Are legit online casinos legal in India?

Yes, all the legit online casinos recommended here on MyOnlineCasino are perfectly legal in India.

In order for a casino to be legal in India, the casino must be based outside India. Also, the casino most accept deposits in Indian Rupees.

All legit casinos recommended by us live up to these 2 requirements, and therefore, they are all legal in India!

🔒 Is my money safe on a legit online casino?

Yes, on a legit online casino, your money is in safe hands.

This is due to the fact that legit and licensed casinos are required by law to keep player deposits in a separate ring-fenced bank account.

This means that your deposit is separate from the casino's own funds.

These accounts are audited regularly by the casino's official regulator.

Furthermore, the deposits are protected under various bank deposit schemes, which ensures that your money is safe, even in the unlikely event that the casino should go bankrupt.

In other words, the money that you deposit on a legit online casino is 100% safe and secure!

🤔 How do I know if an online casino is legit?

All legit online casinos are licensed by an official gambling regulator, such as the Malta Gaming Authority or Curacao eGaming.

So before you join an online casino, look around for the official seal of the gambling regulator, which should be prominently displayed on the website.

As a general rule, you should only use online casinos recommended by MyOnlineCasino. We guarantee that all the online casinos recommended by us are always legit!

Why we only include licensed online casinos

In our day and age, anyone can start a website - and any con man can open up a scam casino and start accepting payments from unwitting players.

However, not just any online casino can get a license. It costs money and you often have to go through rigorous auditing and testing to obtain a legitimate gambling license.

Therefore, we only add licensed online casinos to our list of legit online casinos.

Only use casinos that accept Indian Rupees

It is important that you only use online casinos that accept Indian Rupees.

Some online casinos do not accept Indian Rupees, and as such, they require Indian players to convert INR into other currencies such as US Dollars or Euros in order to deposit.

It is important to note that exchanging currency from INR to other currencies such as USD to deposit at an online casino is not legal in India.

We do not consider such online casinos legitimate.

Instead, you should make sure to refer to the list on this site to find a legit online casino that accepts Indian Rupees!

Best legit online casinos

Although we recommend any of the legit online casinos from the list above, it’s no secret that some casinos are clearly better than others.

So which are the best legit online casinos in India? We give our recommendations below.

Pure Win

Legit Indian Online Casino

Pure Win is an Indian online casino that was created by Indians and markets itself to Indian players.

It gives Pure Win an aura of legitimacy to be owned and operated by Indians.

The headquarters of Pure Win is located on the island of Curacao in the Caribbean since online casinos are not allowed on Indian territory.

Pure Win is licensed by Curacao eGaming, which is a popular and respectable gambling authority all over the world.

Pure Win has partnered with a wide range of the biggest banks in India, which you can use when making deposits and withdrawals on Pure Win. This, again, adds to the feeling of legitimacy behind Pure Win.

In summary, we consider Pure Win to be a legitimate and trustworthy casino site, and we highly recommend that you check them out!

Is Pure Win Legit


Real legit online casino

Casumo is an up-and-coming online casino based in Europa which is quickly gaining popularity here in India.

Casumo is based in Malta - a very strong and trustworthy gambling jurisdiction where many online casinos and legitimate gambling sites are based.

Casumo is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), one of the most trusted gambling authorities in the world. This is a serious mark of legitimacy, because it is not a license that just anyone can obtain.

When browsing through Casumo, you will notice that they support responsible gambling, as they are cooperating with groups such as the Responsible Gaming Foundation. This is yet another sign that you are dealing with a legit online casino.

But the greatest sign of all may be the fact that Casumo has hundreds of positive user reviews on sites like Ask Gamblers. This is proof that players love Casumo, and this is what makes Casumo one of the most trusted online casinos in the world.

Casumo Top Legit Casino


Most legit online casino

LeoVegas is the most legit online casino in India. But what exactly is it that makes LeoVegas the top legit online casino?

First of all, LeoVegas is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), one of the strictest gaming regulators in the world. Obtaining an MGA license costs hundreds of thousands of dollars - clearly not something that a scam site would be able to do.

Secondly, LeoVegas originates in Sweden, a Scandinavian country that is renowned for its transparency and its low amount of corruption.

And lastly, the actual website and gaming platform of LeoVegas appears modern and highly efficient. You can see that it’s not a website that was built on a $10 dollar budget.

The people behind LeoVegas put a lot of money and effort into this online casino, and that in itself adds to the legitimacy of this casino.

All in all, the whole experience of using LeoVegas gives you the feeling that you are using a legit online casino, and that is why we believe LeoVegas is a great choice for players looking for a legit casino site!

Leo Vegas Legit Casino

Why you should only use legit online casinos

We cannot stress enough how important it is that you only use legit and trusted online casinos.

Below, you will find some of the main reasons why you should stick to legitimate and licensed casinos at all times.

You are protected from scams

Using a legit online casino means you are protected from scams.

Your money is safe on a trusted online casino, and you are protected by the laws of the jurisdiction where the casino is based.

A good trusted online casino does not scam its users. If they did, they would be out of business very fast.

Instead, a good casino makes money by providing its players with the best casino gambling experience, so they always keep coming back.

You can solve disputes

As mentioned above, legit online casinos are always licensed by an official gambling regulator. And this is more than just a facade.

A gambling regulator can actually help you, in the unlikely event that you end up having a dispute with your online casino.

For example, if an online casino is refusing to pay out your winnings, or if they are taking too long to process withdrawals, you can file a complaint against the casino.

All legit online casinos want to avoid trouble with their regulator, so they do as much as they can to stay on a clean path and always keep players satisfied.

Dispute against legit online casinos

This is how you lodge a dispute against an online casino licensed by MGA

Games are more balanced

When playing casino games, you want to make sure you are playing fair and balanced games, so that you have an actual chance of winning the game.

If you end up on the wrong casino site, you may find yourself playing games that are heavily swayed in favor of the house.

This means you could be playing on roulette tables that always land on the opposite of what you have selected, or playing slot machines where the reels somehow never align in a winning combination.

You think it’s a coincidence? It’s not. Certain scam games are algorithmically programmed to never let the player win; this is obviously not fair, and we wanna make sure you stay far away from this type of game.

On legitimate online casinos, the games are independently audited. This means that a third party company will audit the Random Number Generator of each game to ensure the game is fair and balanced.

The most trusted online casinos can afford to purchase games from the top game developers in the industry, such as MicroGaming and NetEnt. By playing these games, you are sure to have a fair chance of success!

Use legit online casinos avoid scam sites

Payouts are fast

Don’t you hate waiting days, or sometimes weeks for a transfer of money to enter your bank account? You’re not alone!

Unfortunately, slow payouts are common in the world of online casino.

Many online casinos require you to go through absolutely rigorous verification procedures or KYC steps before you can even start a withdrawal.

Then after “requesting” a withdrawal (as if you should have to request for your own money to be withdrawn?) the money remains “in process” for days until they finally get around to paying it out.

This type of painfully slow payout procedure is not acceptable, and you should not be using an online casino that takes ages to pay out your money!

Fortunately, most legit online casinos are very fast at paying out money!

If you want the fastest payouts, we recommend that you join Casumo, as they offer a maximum 72 hour payout guarantee on many deposit methods!

  1. Payouts within 72 hours

How to avoid scam casinos

When you dive into the world of online casinos, it is essential that you stay clear of the many scam casinos that are lurking around out there.

Scam casinos are dangerous because they do a very good job of luring in new players by appearing as a true and trusted online casino. They are often very good at imitating a real casino site.

Once you have created an account and made a deposit on the scam casino, they make it impossible to withdraw that money.

So how do you spot a scam casino?

Only use trusted, well-known, legit casino brands!

How to join a legit online casino

The most professional scam sites have an authentic facade. They make players believe they are actually visiting a legit real money online casino.

You may find yourself on a casino site thinking it’s the real deal, open an account and deposit money, only to discover you have been fooled by a very proficient bunch of scammers.

To avoid this terrible situation, make sure you are using a real, trusted online casino before you sign up.

Use the links below to navigate to a legit online casino. This will help ensure that you don’t end up on any scam site!

Legitimate Online Gambling Sites

  1. Up To ₹1,05,000 Bonus

  2. 100% Up to ₹1,30,000

    The value of this welcome bonus in Indian rupees will depend on the current EUR/INR exchange rate

  3. 100% Up To ₹25,000

  4. 150% Up To ₹20,000

  5. 300% First Deposit Bonus

  6. 100% Bonus Up To INR 90,000

  7. Up to 300% Welcome Bonus

  8. Bonus Package of up to INR 1,27,000

  9. 150% bonus up to INR 1 Lakh

  10. 100% bonus up to ₹20,000

Are these online casinos legit?

Is Europa Casino legit?

Europa Casino: Is it legit?

Yes, Europa Casino is a legitimate online casino based in Malta and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the most trusted online gambling regulator in the world.

Furthermore, Europa Casino is a member of IBAS: the Independent Betting Adjudication Service. This is a dispute resolution service that serves to help players resolve any financial disputes they may have with an online casino.

So as you can see, Europa Casino is a 100% legit and trustworthy online casino.

Is LeoVegas legit?

Yes, LeoVegas is a legit online casino.

In fact, LeoVegas is one of the safest online casinos in the entire world.

LeoVegas originates in the country of Sweden and is now based on the island of Malta, where it is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, giving it a very solid reputation.

As far as legit online casinos go, we consider LeoVegas to be creme de la creme.

Is Casumo legit?

Yes, Casumo is as legit as it gets!

Actually, Casumo is continuously ranked as one of the most trusted online casinos in the world by players.

This is due to the fact that Casumo provides an excellent and transparent gambling experience -- and they always pay out winnings within 72 hours!

Is Genesis Casino legit?

Yes, Genesis Casino is a legitimate online casino that is licensed by the Malta Gambling Authority including the UK Gambling Commission, two of the world’s most reputable gambling regulators.

So as far as trust goes, you can be sure that Genesis Casino is 100% safe and secure!

Still not sure which legit casino to join? We recommend LeoVegas!

LeoVegas: Legit Casino

The most legit online casino in India

Join LeoVegas now and become part of the world’s most trusted, transparent, and safe online casino.

LeoVegas offers the following benefits:

  • Accepts Indian Rupee deposits
  • Allows you to deposit using UPI
  • Regulated by Malta Gaming Authority
  • Trusted by players around the world

Click the button below to join LeoVegas now!