Best Online Casino Reload Bonuses in India

Online Casino Reload Bonuses

Here you will find all the information you need about Casino Reload Bonuses and the best Reload offers in India.

Online Casino Reload Bonuses

Reload or Recharge bonus is something you get when you make further deposits in your online casino accounts after the first one.

Most Indian casinos offer lucrative reload bonuses as an incentive for the players to stick with them and keep playing on their websites.

You can use your reload bonus to play your favorite casino games and convert that into real money winnings.

You don't need to spend hours searching for suitable reload bonuses online. We have curated a list of the best bonus offers that online casinos are offering to customers who are looking to recharge their accounts with additional funds.

You can rest assured that these online casinos are properly vetted and are completely trustworthy because we make it a point to thoroughly check each of our casino recommendations.

Reload bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, differing from casino to casino. A generous reload bonus enhances player experience and builds and promotes brand loyalty.

From a sea of reload bonuses available online, we’ve found the best ones that will suit the needs of the discerning Indian player.

Table of Contents
  • Best Reload Bonuses in India
  • What is a Reload Bonus?
  • How to Claim a Recharge Bonus?
  • Can You Win Real Money Using a Reload Bonus?
  • Benefits of Using Reload Bonus
  • Types of Reload Bonuses

Best Reload Bonus Offers in India

  1. 25% on 2nd Deposit + 50% on 3rd Deposit

    18+, MGA license number MGA/B2C/130/2006,, bettheresponsibleway.

  2. 5% Reload Bonus on Live Casino

  3. 60% Reload Bonus on 2nd Deposit

  4. 400% Reload Bonus on 2nd Deposit

  5. 25% Reload Bonus Up To 8000 INR Weekly

  6. 100% Reload Bonus on 2nd Deposit

  7. 75% Reload Bonus on 2nd Deposit

What is a Reload Bonus?

Reload Bonus (also known as Recharge Bonus) is an amount of money (or free spins) that casino players get when they recharge their casino accounts again after the initial deposit. Reload bonuses are a type of deposit bonus because it requires a monetary deposit.

The first deposit bonus on any online casino is known as the Welcome Bonus but all subsequent bonuses are known as Reload Bonuses. It may not always be a cash bonus. Sometimes, casinos may offer a certain number of free spins as a recharge bonus.

The great thing is that you can convert those free spins into cash when you play slots using the bonus spins and win actual money!

Why Use a Casino Reload Bonus?

The real question is why not use a casino reload bonus, especially since it comes free with your second or subsequent deposits! A reload bonus is a free gift to you from the casino, given as a token of appreciation for your loyalty.

Reload Bonuses don’t cost you a thing apart from the monetary deposit that you were anyway going to make in order to play casino games online.

Reload Bonus Codes

How to Claim a Recharge Bonus?

There are two major ways you can claim a Recharge or Reload Bonus on Indian online casinos.

When you are ready to make a second (or any subsequent) deposit in your casino account, you may or may not need a Reload Bonus Code in order to claim a Recharge Bonus. This depends on the choice of online casinos.

Most casinos generally don’t require customers to put in any claim code, but some may require a code.

We suggest you check the terms, conditions, and requirements well in advance so that you don’t miss out on a chance to get a reload bonus.

Can You Win Real Money Using a Reload Bonus?

Of course, you can win real money using a reload or recharge bonus! That is the beauty of the bonus amount.

As an existing customer on an online casino, you initially play with your first deposit and the welcome bonus amount.

But after that initial deposit has been utilized, you can replenish your account with some more of your money. Only this time, you get additional bonus for reloading and that allows you to play with a greater amount than you deposited as a top-up.

So you can definitely play with a reload bonus and convert it to real money when you win!
Reload bonus to real money
Reload Bonus Wagering Requirements
Virika Saxena

Virika Saxena

Every online casino has a set of different wagering requirements that customers must complete before they can withdraw the winnings from a reload bonus.

You cannot just withdraw the bonus amount without completing the wagering requirements first.

For example, if you top up your casino account with 1000 INR and get a 100% reload bonus (1000 INR), then you have 2000 INR in your account to play with. But you don’t get to withdraw that 2000 INR immediately.

Let’s say the website has a wagering requirement of 20 times; then you would need to wager the deposit plus bonus amount a minimum of 20 times before you can withdraw any winnings.

We always recommend our readers check the wagering requirements before making any monetary deposits on online casinos. You may not want to play on a given website if the wagering requirements are too steep.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reload Bonuses

🎲 How do I find the best online casino reload bonus?

The easiest and most convenient way of doing that is depending on us. We at MyCasino take pride in our carefully curated list of online casinos that offer the best bonuses to Indian players.

You can click HERE to check out our list of Indian casinos that have the best reload bonus.

🎲 Can I use a reload bonus more than once?

The bonus is a set amount given to players by online casinos. Players may or may not be able to use the reload bonus in one go.

The casino rules may allow a player to wager the recharge bonus amount multiple times. We recommend checking your casino's terms and conditions for more clarity.

🎲 Is there a difference between Reload Bonus and Deposit Bonus?

Reload Bonus is a type of Deposit Bonus. A deposit bonus is given to casino players whenever they make a monetary deposit on the website.

Reload bonus is specifically provided to players when they top up the funds in their casino account.

🎲 Is Reload Bonus the same as Recharge Bonus?

Yes, Reload Bonus is also popularly known as Recharge Bonus.

This is because the bonus is a promotion that allows players to receive something extra when depositing money in their already existing casino account - in other words, "recharging" the account.

🎲 How is Recharge Bonus different from Welcome Bonus?

A Welcome Bonus is only given to casino players once, when they make an account on a particular online casino and make their first deposit.

Recharge Bonus is one the customers can claim when making second, third, or any subsequent deposits in already existing casino accounts.

🎲 How do I get a reload bonus?

Most online casinos automatically credit the player's account with the reload bonus amount when they add more funds to their account.

But some casinos may require a promo code for the reload bonus. We suggest checking your casino's terms and conditions first so that you don't miss out on the bonus if there is a promo code required.

🎲 Can I withdraw a recharge bonus?

No, you cannot directly withdraw a reload or recharge bonus. There are wagering requirements that you would need to complete before you can withdraw your winnings from the reload bonus.

Wagering requirements are different from one casino to another.

🎲 Why do casinos offer reload bonuses?

Online Casinos want their customers to keep playing on their website and not move on to another casino that's offering a lucrative welcome bonus.

To retain players and promote brand loyalty, casinos offer reload bonuses as an incentive for the players to recharge their already existing accounts.

Best Online Casino Reload Bonuses in India

Top 3 Reload Offers in India

Casino Planet Reload Bonus

Get Weekly and Monthly Reload Bonuses on Casino Planet

Casino Planet gives you reload bonuses on your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th deposits.

Furthermore, you can also get reload bonuses every week and every month.

Check out the different reload bonuses below:

  • 50% Reload Bonus on 2nd Deposit
  • 25% Reload Bonus on 3rd and 4th Deposit
  • 25% Weekly Reload Bonus + 10 free spins
  • 25% Monthly Reload Bonus

Casino Planet Bonus Codes

On Casino Planet, you need to use the following bonus codes when claiming the 3 primary reload bonuses.

  • 1st Reload Bonus: WCPINDIA2
  • 2nd Reload Bonus: WCPINDIA3
  • 3rd Reload Bonus: WCPINDIA4

Mr Luck Reload Bonus

Get Generous Reload Bonuses After the Initial Welcome Bonus of 500%

Mr Luck casino has one of the best, most lucrative reload offers available to its players.

There is a choice between multiple reload bonuses and the player gets to choose!

  • First Reload Bonus: 400% bonus up to ₹12000 + 50 Free Spins (minimum deposit 3000 INR)
  • 100% bonus up to ₹12500 (minimum deposit 2000 INR)
  • Second Reload Bonus: 300% bonus up to ₹12000 + 50 Free Spins (minimum deposit 4000 INR)
  • 100% bonus up to ₹15000 (minimum deposit 2000 INR)

Shangri La Reload Bonus

Get Ample Bonus When You Recharge Your Shangri La Account

Add funds to your Shangri La account for the second and third time and get the following bonuses.

  • 75% reload bonus up to 20,000 INR on second deposit
  • 50% reload bonus up to 20,000 INR on third deposit

Reload banner

When do You Get a Reload Bonus?

Reload bonuses are offered by online casinos as incentive for the players to replenish their accounts with more funds and keep playing on the same website rather than go looking for a new casino.

Casino players can get a reload bonus when they make any subsequent deposits in their account after the first one.

The purpose of a reload bonus is to create brand loyalty. If there were no reload bonuses, then casino players would likely hunt for a welcome bonus on a different casino each time they utilize their first deposit amount.

Generous reload bonuses make customers want to stick to a particular casino, which is why casinos have reload bonuses in the first place.

Reload Bonus vs. Welcome Bonus

Reload vs welcome

A welcome bonus is one you get when you make the first deposit on an online casino. A reload bonus is one you get when you make a second or further deposit in the same online casino account. Most casinos offer both welcome bonuses and reload bonuses.

Reload bonuses are meant to encourage players to continue gambling on one casino instead of finding a new one in hopes of getting a different welcome bonus.

Online casinos may offer more than one reload bonuses (as many as they want, really), while a welcome bonus can only be given one time (with the first deposit).

Reload Bonuses vs. No Deposit Bonus

Reload vs no deposit

As is evident by its name, a No Deposit Bonus is one that you can avail of without making an actual monetary deposit.

Many casinos world over offer No Deposit Bonuses to their customers as a token of appreciation. A No Deposit Bonus can be cash or free spins, depending on which casino is offering it.

By its very definition, a Reload Bonus requires a monetary deposit, specifically a recharge or reload of funds in an already existing casino account.

With reload bonuses, casinos aim to encourage players to renew their accounts with an additional supply of funds after their first deposit.

Can You Use a Recharge Bonus for All Casino Games?

Not necessarily. Casinos decide which games can be played using bonus amounts of any kind.

Your online casino of choice may let you use your reload or recharge bonus on all games or, alternatively, only a few casino games may be available to players looking to wager the recharge bonus amount.

Check your online casino’s reload bonus terms and conditions in order to get clarity on this.

Reload Bonus Codes

Reload bonus codes may or may not be a requirement, depending on the casino offering the bonus. Most online casinos don’t need customers to put in bonus codes when collecting a reload bonus.

Oftentimes, the reload bonus will be added to your account as soon as you make second, third, or further deposits. But this is not a strict rule.

Some casinos may also require a reload bonus code to be put in before the customer can claim a reload casino bonus.

We suggest checking the bonus rules of your casino of choice. Otherwise, you stand the risk of missing the reload bonus.

Benefits of Using Reload Bonus

There are several benefits of using Reload Bonuses.

  1. You get to play with more money than what you deposit.
  2. A reload bonus is like a free gift from the casino.
  3. The wagering requirements for reload bonuses are not too many as compared to welcome bonuses, generally speaking.
  4. You can convert the virtual bonus into real money by wagering and winning.
  5. Even if you lose the reload bonus, it is not a dent in your wallet because you did not deposit the bonus amount.

Types of Reload Bonuses

Reload Bonuses are of several types, differing from casino to casino.

  • Day of Week Reload Bonus - On many online casinos, you may see bonuses that are named after particular days of the week (like Monday Bonus, Thursday Bonus, etc.). These are reload bonuses that players get when they top up their casino funds on those specific days of the week when the bonus is offered.
  • Weekly Reload Bonus - Several casinos offer a weekly deposit to their regular customers. Players have to make a deposit every week and with that, they get a recharge bonus.
  • Monthly Reload Bonus - Many online casinos give their customers a reload bonus with the first deposit of every month.
  • Second Reload Bonus - Players get this when they make their second deposit on any casino that offers this type of bonus.
  • Third Reload Bonus - Casino players who stick to a given casino and replenish their funds for the third time may get this type of reload bonus with their third deposit.
  • Additional Deposit Reload Bonus - A reload bonus is basically given when players add more funds to their casino accounts after utilizing their initial deposit and welcome bonus. This includes any subsequent deposits made after the first one.
Check out the following list of Best Reload Bonuses across Indian Online Casinos.

Best Reload Bonuses in India

  1. 25% on 2nd Deposit + 50% on 3rd Deposit

    18+, MGA license number MGA/B2C/130/2006,, bettheresponsibleway.

  2. 5% Reload Bonus on Live Casino

  3. 60% Reload Bonus on 2nd Deposit

  4. 400% Reload Bonus on 2nd Deposit

  5. 25% Bonus Up To 8000 INR Every Week

  6. 100% Reload Bonus on 2nd Deposit

  7. 75% Reload Bonus on 2nd Deposit