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Online Casino Blacklist

Find out which online casinos we think you should avoid.

Are All Online Casinos Safe to Use?

Unfortunately, not all online casinos are safe and legit. Online gambling is a very sensitive industry and can be prone to scams and frauds. This is because online gambling is not regulated by any central law in our country.

While online casinos are not illegal in India - barring a few states that have actively banned online gambling - they fall under a legal grey area. Without proper laws regulating it, the industry lacks a system of legal recourse. Which means if a casino site is involved in shady malpractices, its customers cannot sue the company in Indian courts.

Without the fear of the law or legal justice, some casino companies may choose to indulge in unfair and untrustworthy practices. Our job is to highlight such online casinos that may not be completely safe to use.


This page provides a list of online casinos that, as per our research, do not seem 100% safe. Our research is based on our own experience and customer reviews online. We do not claim that these particular online casinos are shady or involved in any scams or malpractices.

These casino sites may actually be safe to use but it is our opinion that they seem slightly dodgy and we would not personally use them (unless it is for review purposes). Our opinion in no way means that the sites listed on this page are definitively fraudulent.

It is totally up to the user/ reader to decide whether they want to join a particular online casino or not. We only provide facts and our expert opinion.

Complete Online Casino Blacklist

The following online casinos are on our blacklist - this does NOT mean that you cannot use them or try them out; it just means that we advise caution as we cannot guarantee a 100% safe and legitimate experience.

Blacklisted casino sites

  1. Banzai Bet
  2. Planet7 Casino
  3. Lotus Book 247
  4. Supreme7777
  5. Fairbet7 Casino
  6. Lotus Exchange
  7. Kheloyar Casino
  8. Lotus365 Casino
  9. MG Lion Casino
  10. Loot Bet Casino
How We Blacklist Casinos
Vishal Dhawal

Vishal Dhawal

How do we make our safety checks and determine which casino sites to put on our blacklist? Here are some of the factors we check:

  • First look (how the website looks cosmetically - shady sites usually look a bit "off" and may not have grammatically correct language)
  • Registration and KYC process (dodgy sites may not do a complete/ proper KYC check)
  • Payment methods (sites that are not legit may not have any widely used payment methods like UPI, Netbanking, Paytm etc.)
  • Deposit and Withdrawal process (this should not be too complicated or time-consuming)
  • Customer reviews (we also check what other people online are saying about the site; what other users' experiences have been like)

Summary of All Blacklisted Online Casinos

Blacklist casinos

⚠️ Banzai Bet Casino - Main Red Flags

🚩 Banzai Bet website is not easy to reach. Google Search results show multiple (sketchy) promotional pages with several sign up links that lead to nowhere. The actual site can only be reached through one of those sign up links but it seems very shady.

🚩 The license information is provided only on the About Us page and even there it is hidden away in a corner as a very tiny icon.

🚩 Deposits and withdrawals can be delayed. Withdrawals may be processed in up to a week.

🚩 Not easy to reach Customer Support. There is no phone support and chat support gets disconnected over and over again before we can get a resolution to our query.

🚩 No user reviews found anywhere for Banzai Bet. This is probably the biggest red flag of all.

Blacklist casinos 1

⚠️ Planet 7 Casino - Main Red Flags

🚩 There is no license information. We could not find the license information for Planet 7 Casino on its website. The link to the owner company goes to a "coming soon" page.

🚩 Bonus information is incomplete. It says "200% bonus" but no capping amount. The individual promotion pages don't open unless you sign up on the site.

🚩 Promotions are displayed in US Dollars and not Indian Rupee. Big red flag, according to us. Also, not one of the promos gives a capping value which seems very sketchy.

🚩 Very limited payment methods - only crypto and debit/credit cards are available. There is no UPI, Paytm, or any other popular payment method used by Indians.

User Review
Planet 7 just another dishonest casino who won't pay what it owes!
- Eric Hanson on TrustPilot.
Blacklist casinos 2

⚠️ Lotus Book 247 - Main Red Flags

🚩 Website looks very shady and incomplete. There is no promotions page or bonus information or even an About Us page that's visible on the homepage. Also no payment methods info or anything else apart from the casino and betting offerings.

🚩 No license information present on the site. We were unable to locate any license information for Lotus Book 247 on its website.

🚩 Nowhere to Sign Up! There is only a login option but no sign up button. Lotus Book 247 advertises on Indian social media and does NOT mention India as one of the "restricted access" countries, but still no way to sign up.

User Review
This guy lotusbook247 official (970781908) on telegram is a fraud. He cheated on me of Rs 14000. When I said plz withdrawal my balance he just blocked me and vanished.

- User on CyberCrimeComplaints
Blacklist casinos 3

⚠️ Supreme7777 Casino - Main Red Flags

🚩 No License information on the homepage. We were unable to locate any license info on the Supreme7777 website. This makes it seem incredibly sketchy.

🚩 A super-shady "Demo" button. This button, when clicked, leads to another homepage of Supreme7777.

🚩 No way to sign up. Just like LotusBook247, Supreme7777 does not have a registration button on the homepage. Some shady online casinos ask you to contact certain phone numbers to sign up and give you login details to directly login to the site. It could be that these sites are doing the same thing.

🚩 No welcome bonus or promos page available on the site. Supreme7777 does not show any other pages apart from the homepage - no other promotions at all. This is highly irregular.

🚩 No payment methods or owner company mentioned. The homepage seems incomplete - it gives no information about the parent company or which payment methods are available.

🚩 No customer reviews available on Google.

Blacklist casinos 4

⚠️ Fairbet7 Casino - Main Red Flags

🚩 No Homepage with sign up. The first Google result you get when you search for Fairbet7 is a page that outlines the registration process. You submit your Whatsapp number (no, thanks!) to get a login ID and a link to the site. Big red flag.

🚩 No license information available on the site. You cannot access any info on Fairbet7 before you sign up. Forcing users to sign up without allowing them to check out the online casino's offerings and bonuses is as shady as it gets.

🚩 No Payments info available. We have no clue which payment methods Fairbet7 offers for deposits and withdrawals. We are also not sure if there is a bonus or if they do timely payouts.

🚩 Cannot contact customer support before signing up. Basically, you cannot access anything on the site before you sign up through Whatsapp. This does not make the site seem very safe or trustworthy.

🚩 No user reviews online.

Blacklist casinos 5

⚠️ Lotus Exchange Casino - Main Red Flags

🚩 No license info available on the site. We were unable to locate any license information on Lotus Exchange, even though the site says it is registered in Curacao. It is unverified if their license is actually valid or not so we would advise caution.

🚩 Sign up process through Whatsapp. On Lotus Exchange (like other questionable casino sites), you have to give your Whatsapp number to receive an auto-generated ID for registration. We are sceptical about this process because none of the trusted casinos like Betway or Parimatch do this.

🚩 No promo page on the homepage. There is no promotions or bonuses page or link on the homepage, which is really weird. It is something that should be readily visible, even highlighted. Moreover, the welcome bonus is just 10% of your deposit (possibly the lowest bonus we have ever seen!).

🚩 Cannot contact customer support. The customer support for Lotus Exchange Casino is pretty much unreachable. There is no phone support (unless you count Whatsapp chat) and also the chat support icon on the website is glitchy (didn't work for us).

🚩 No user reviews online.

Blacklist casinos 6

⚠️ Kheloyar Casino - Main Red Flags

🚩 No license info available on the site. The Kheloyar site mentions that it operates under a valid license but in place of the license number, it says "----". How sketchy is that!

🚩 No bonus page to check out. There is no promos or bonuses page that users can check before signing up. When you click on the bonus banner on the homepage, it doesn't take you anywhere (basically nothing happens). So all we know about the welcome offer is that it is a 50% bonus without wagering, but no other details.

🚩 Shady-looking website. Kheloyar, despite having a decent sports and casino offering, looks outdated and somewhat shady. Badly clicked celeb photos dominate the homepage. And then there are multiple links that go nowhere when you click on them.

🔎 A thing to consider is that Kheloyar has so many celeb endorsements that it doesn't seem as sketchy as the other casinos on this list.

Blacklist casinos 7

⚠️ Lotus365 Casino - Main Red Flags

🚩 No license info available on the site. We were unable to locate any license information on Lotus365, even though the site says it is registered in Curacao. But there is also an icon present on the site for Malta Gaming Authority (unclickable). Highly irregular.

🚩 Sign up process through Whatsapp. The Lotus365 sign up process requires you to call multiple numbers listed on the homepage. This seems like a local bookies registration process. We highly advise against it. Weirdly, the site looks exactly like Lotus Exchange so it could just be the same company with two domains, which is a shady practice in itself.

🚩 No promo page on the homepage. There is no promotions or bonuses page or link on the homepage. We have no idea how much welcome bonus they offer and what are the terms and conditions for it.

🚩 Cannot contact customer support. The customer support for Lotus365 Casino is pretty much unreachable. There is no phone support (unless you count Whatsapp chat for sign up) and we also didn't see a chat support.

🚩 No user reviews online.

Blacklist casinos 8

⚠️ MG Lion Casino - Main Red Flags

🚩 Cannot access online casino section without signing up first. The MG Lion site asks you to sign up before you can check out their casino offerings, which is a negative sign. Users should be allowed to see what kind of games they offer before they have to register.

🚩 No bonus page to check out. There is no promotions or bonuses page that users can access before signing up. We do not know what kind of bonus MG Lion offers or what the detailed terms and conditions are for a welcome bonus. A banner on the homepage just says 100% bonus (but it offers no other details and is not clickable).

🚩 Shady-looking website. Despite having decent celeb endorsement and a valid Curacao license (we checked), the MG Lion casino site looks like a local bookie site. If we were a regular user, we would not take a chance signing up on this site.

🔎 We do admit that MG Lion doesn't seem as sketchy as the other casinos on this list but there are some gaping holes in its trustworthiness.

Blacklist Features/ Red Flags to Look Out For

If you see any of the following red flags on any gambling site, then it's advisable to avoid that online casino altogether. Simply click on the following tabs to read more about the blacklist features.

⚠️ Shady-looking website

If a casino site looks sketchy or incomplete, or does not have all the usual information that other casino sites have generally, then you can safely assume it's not 100% trustworthy.

📋 Hidden or No license info

If there is no license info to be found on the casino site, then it is best to avoid that site. License info is usually given in the footer of any legit gambling site.

🚫 No KYC Check

If a casino site operating in India allows rupee-payments and does not do a proper KYC check with your PAN/ Aadhaar and Address proof, then it is a 100% shady site and should be avoided.

☎️ Tough to reach Customer Support

If it is difficult to get in touch with any casino's customer support, or if there is only email support provided, then we would suggest not using that gambling site. All legit casino sites provide adequate support to their customers.

🏦 Limited payment methods

If an online casino offers only a limited set of payment methods and even those are not the popular ones like UPI and Paytm, then that's a red flag you should not ignore.

💰 Long transaction processing time

If any gambling site takes more than 24-hours to deposit or more than 5 business days to process withdrawals, then it's definitely sketchy and you should avoid such a site.

👎🏽 Bad user reviews

It's always best to check other user reviews on sites like TrustPilot or Reddit and even CyberCrimeComplaints. You may find really shady things and bad experiences other people may have had with a particular brand.

Safe and Legit Online Casinos

Our blacklist of online casinos is not exhaustive, to be honest. This means there could be many more shady and unsafe casino sites out there. We will update this page as and when we find more sketchy gambling sites but to be safe, you should avoid using any online casino that we have not expressly recommended.

If you're looking for safe, legit, and reliable online casinos, here is a list of our top 15 trusted sites:

Trusted Online Casinos

  1. Betway Live Casino - for live casino
  2. Casino Days - for online slots
  3. Big Baazi Casino - for high-rollers
  4. Glassi Casino - for discovering new casino games
  5. Parimatch Casino - for Hindi live casino
  6. 1xBet Casino - for huge variety
  7. Jackpot Guru - for incredible jackpots
  8. Leonbet Casino - for a great sportsbook
  9. Fun88 Casino - for live poker rooms
  10. 10Cric Casino - for good sports betting
  11. Bettilt Casino - for the best Blackjack tables
  12. Casumo Casino - for a great iPhone app
  13. Cricbaba Casino - for a good range of Baccarat games
  14. 22Bet Casino - for Indian games like Teen Patti
  15. Lucky Spins Casino - for awesome online slots

Check out the welcome bonuses these online casinos offer!

Best Online Casino Bonuses

  1. Up To ₹1,05,000 Bonus

  2. 100% Up to ₹1,30,000

    The value of this welcome bonus in Indian rupees will depend on the current EUR/INR exchange rate

  3. 100% Up To ₹25,000

  4. 100% Up To ₹15,000

  5. 300% First Deposit Bonus

  6. 100% Bonus Up To INR 90,000

  7. Up to 300% Welcome Bonus

  8. Bonus Package of up to INR 1,27,000

  9. 150% bonus up to INR 1 Lakh

  10. 100% bonus up to ₹20,000

  11. 100% Up To ₹8,000

  12. ₹1,00,000 welcome bonus package

  13. 150% up to ₹60,000

  14. 100% bonus up to ₹1,00,000

  15. 100% bonus up to ₹25,000